Form into one




Here are some cool things that I want to show you.


Client: Mona wallin

I got asked to do a webpage for a client who is working with family/couples counseling. I thought a homepage like this should be easy, fast-oriented and also attractive. As a Scandinavian, I like minimalistic designs. So why not make it less instead of more? Easy to read, easy to find your way through the page, and the book an a appointment link is centered, at the top and also in the pop-up menu.

The first image shows my idea of how the pop-up menu should look.
Below you can see the entire one-page design, from header to footer.


client: ARLA

The images below show the final product and it turned out to be the company´s best-selling poster, which ended up being sold out as well.

client: Sveriges energi

Sveriges Energi asked me to design a landing page for a collaboration launch with Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA. It was supposed to be an easy-to-read one-payer, with all the benefits and a registration form that had to be included for all new and existing costumers. What you see below is just the layout for desktop and mobile devices.


Thank you!

I hope these three projects gives you a better insight about me as a artist. I Hope to talk to you sooN.

All the best