Form into one

About us


Originally from Västerås, taking photos started out as a simple childhood hobby for Daniel Lundkvist. Later on, he realized photography was something you could learn at school and, with a bit of luck, turn into an actual job.

The thought of making a career out of doing what you love was all it took to steer Daniel to Stockholm in 2005 to learn more about the subject in college. After college, he started working as a photographer and image retoucher at Digitized where he was able to take all of his classroom teachings and put them to practical use. Over the course of a decade, Daniel honed his skills through various jobs involving photography, retouch and illustrations.

Motivated and driven to learn more about digital design and motion graphics, Daniel returned to school in 2015. There, he learned how to understand the variations between all of the different platforms and to bring an image to life through the use of animation.

In September 2018, Form Into One was created out of a desire to share the artistic vision Daniel had cultivated throughout the years in a more direct and personal way with clients.


Form Into One is about taking all of the forms and colours, all of the shared creativity and points of view, and combining them into one coherent design through close collaboration and know-how.

A full-service agency based out of Stockholm that initially focused on creative design, editorial, photography and retouch. Shortly after its founding, Daniel partnered up with Laurens Dubuisson, a copywriter and editor from Leuven, Belgium in order to expand Form Into One’s range of services and sphere of influence.

Form Into One is able to cater to our client’s every demand regarding image, video, animation, and text. Offering up the skills and expertise required to give life to image and text in any shape or form, we are here to help bring your artistic vision into the real world.

We are your next digital and innovative agency.
We are Form Into One.